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Software Tools

Introducing a selection of freeware and shareware software tools to help you work easily with your video and movie files.

VOB2MPG v3 / VOB2MPG v3 Pro More Info

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View Demo Movie Click here to view a demonstration of VOB2MPG PRO in action

VOB2MPG Pro is the evolution of VOB2MPG.

With control being the key, VOB2MPG Pro features include:

  • Choice of titles to extract
  • Choice of chapters to extract in a title
  • Ability to re-order chapters
  • Handle vob id changes in a title
  • Handle DVD angles
  • Chapter preview
  • Audio stream preview and extraction
  • Plus much much more

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SVCD2DVD v2.5 Latest REGISTERED Version: Build 2.5.5030 [28 Jan 2009] More Info

New: Click Here to launch narrated tutorials of SVCD2DVD usage...

Recent updates include:

  • Multi core utilization: upto 50% speed increase.
  • Widescreen DVD Menus
  • Support for DVR-MS files
  • Support for x264 and h264 video
  • Support for matroska (.mkv) files
  • Support for AviSynth script files
  • Improved NTSC-Film and PAL to NTSC conversions
  • Massive speed increase over v2.1 - upto 60%

"The quickest and easiest way to create a DVD..."

SVCD2DVD v2.5 is the latest tool to create DVDs from HDTV, h264/x264 mkv, MPEG, VCD, SVCD or AVI (DivX, XviD, MP4) files. No matter what your video expertise: beginner or expert, you will be able to produce quality DVDs very quickly.

    Screenshot    Screenshot

  • Create DVDs from existing mpeg video and movies.
  • Convert DivX to DVD, XviD to DVD, HDTV to DVD, MKV to DVD or MP4 to DVD quickly and smoothly.
  • When creating your DVDs, convert PAL to NTSC (no jerkiness or skipping).
  • Quick DVDs: Load your files, one click to process, then watch your burnt DVD on your standalone player.
  • Create simple or intricate menus with background music.
  • Add selectable subtitles to your DVDs.
  • Dual Layer DVDR support.

More Info

Originally SVCD2DVD was the tool to convert SVCD to DVD painlessly and quickly, hence the name! Now it is much much more: subtitles, AviSynth support ,mkv files, HDTV to DVD, AVI to DVD and PAL to NTSC for example. SVCD2DVD v2.5 still follows the principle of the original: quick and easy to use, but it now has the ability and features to meet the new demands of creating DVDs today.

See SVCD2DVD in action, check out the demonstration movies.

Latest DEMO Version: v2.5.3600 . Revision history.

Latest REGISTERED Version: v2.5 build: 2.5030 (28 Jan 2009). Details.

SVCD2DVD: 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

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ImgBurn DVD-Video Shell Ext v1.3

ImgBurn is the best and most compatible program for burning DVD-Videos. It is free and is continually evolving. As of version 2, DVD-Videos can be burnt to DVD without a separate tool to create a disk image first…

So to complement this, "ImgBurn DVD-Video Shell Ext" is a Windows Shell Extension which gives you a context menu item to launch ImgBurn and burn your VIDEO_TS folders. I.e. right click on any folder named “VIDEO_TS” and you will be able to burn the DVD-Video with ImgBurn!

Obviously you need ImgBurn installed. Version 2 or higher is required. Get it from www.imgburn.com

Now compatible with Vista/Windows 7 and 64bit operating systems.

        Download 32bit (400KB Note: .Net v2 Required)
        Download 64bit (400KB Note: .Net v2 Required)


More Info & Download

HDTV2DVD is a new tool to simply convert your HDTV material to DVD. HDTV captures are MPEG-2 Transport Streams at either 1280 x 720p or 1920 x 1080i resolution yet DVD is typically MPEG-2 Program Streams at 720 x 480 (for NTSC). This means that to play HD material on a "normal" DVD player you have to convert the source. This is what HDTV2DVD does in a simple, user friendly way.

Load up your HDTV file (.ts or .tp), start the processing and HDTV2DVD will produce a VIDEO_TS DVD folder ready for you to burn!

HDTV to DVD made simple.


SVCD2DVDMPG v1.1 is a simple tool to create mpegs, which can be used by various DVD authoring tools, from non-DVD compliant sources.
More Info           Download

NeroBurner v1.0

NeroBurner takes the headache out of burning DVD-Videos
More Info           Download

MpegDetails v1.0

MpegDetails is a tool which gives you detailed stream information about mpeg files. It includes a "player" to view the mpegs it analyses.
More Info           Download

RarSlaveGUI v1.7.54

RarSlaveGUI is a simple front end to RarSlave.
More Info           Download

IfoAR2WS v1.0

IfoAR2WS is a simple utility to change the aspect ratio to 16:9 in DVD IFO files.
More Info           Download

TSJoiner v1.0

TSJoiner is a simple utility to join up files which have been split up in a set. Many HDTV *.ts and *.tp files are like this. TSJoiner is a GUI which simply invokes the copy /b command.

Works on *.ts and *.tp files which have the following pattern to their name:

nameofmovieortvshowXXXX.ts where XXXX are digits.

(i.e. absolutely anything followed by one or more digits followed by .ts or .tp)

Just start TSJoiner then browse and open any file from the set to begin.
Use at your own risk, there is no liability for unforeseen issues.

        Download (80KB Note: .Net v2 Required)