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VOB2MPG v3.0 & VOB2MPG v3.0 PRO

VOB2MPG v3.0 & VOB2MPG v3.0 PRO are the latest versions of VOB2MPG.

Previous versions of VOB2MPG have allowed users to join up and process vobs found in dvds - resulting in mpeg files suitable for playing or authoring. VOB2MPG v3.0 (PRO) also does this but, in addition, allows users to choose, at a finer level, the DVD content to be extracted.


With control being the key, VOB2MPG Pro features include:

  • Choice of titles to extract
  • Choice of chapters to extract in a title
  • Ability to re-order chapters
  • Handle vob id changes in a title
  • Handle timetstamp discontinutlies
  • Handle DVD angles
  • Title and chapter preview
  • Audio stream preview and extraction
  • Plus much much more

Supported Systems

  • Windows XP (SP2 min), Vista, Windows 7
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the above operating systems
  • .Net Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5


Feature v2.5 v3.0 v3.0 PRO
Join vobs per vobset
Process troublesome audio streams
Handle DTS/LPCM audio
Optimised DVDR reading performance
Recalculate GOP timecodes
Preview DVD titles/chapters
Extract by title
Extract by chapter
Mpeg file per chapter option
Extract non continuous chapters
Reorder chapters for extration
Handle multi angle DVDs
Choose audio stream to extract
Optimised DVDR reading performance
Optimised extraction performance
(three times quicker!)
Recalculate GOP timecodes
Correct Aspect Ratio of output
Command line support
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12 GBP

Download VOB2MPG v3.0

Download VOB2MPG  v3.0 (5 MB)
(requires .Net Framework 2.0 and XP SP2 or greater)

Purchase VOB2MPG v3.0 PRO

Buy Now12 GBP
(requires .Net Framework 2.0 and XP SP2 or greater)

Getting Started

Click to view a complete walkthrough of VOB2MPG PRO in action

Step by step guide

Step by step guide to using VOB2MPG PRO for the first time. Its VERY easy:

Step One - Choose Extraction Mode and Folder locations:

First of all you need to decide which mode you wish to work in. Use the mode button to toggle between IFO and VOBSET MODE. Hover over the button to get a help popup explaining each mode:
Next you need to choose your DVD source and output folder. DVDs can be a disc or a folder on your hard drive, encrypted DVDs are not supported but you can use on-the-fly decrypters is you wish.

  1. IFO MODE: Browse for the VIDEO_TS.IFO file for the DVD to load content from.
    VOBSET MODE: Browse for the VIDEO_TS folder for the DVD to load VOB content from.
  2. Browse for the folder to extract to.

Remember  VobSet mode is the same as running v2.x of VOB2MPG

Step Two - DVD Structure:

Once the DVD is loaded (apart from Vobset mode), you will see the structure of the DVD:

Previewing Titles, Chapters and Audio
Double clicking on a Title will play the Title in the DVD Preview window.

Double clicking on a Chapter will play the Chapter in the DVD Preview window.

Whilst a DVD is playing a Title/Chapter, you can preview the audio streams by choosing a audio stream from the Title Audio Stream dropdown:

Choosing what to extract
In the DVD structure area, anything checked with a tick will be extracted.

Note that you will get a mpeg file per Title. I.e. if you choose to extract Titles 1, 2 & 7 you will get three mpeg files accordingly

To extract a whole Title, check the Title. You can then choose to omit individual chapters by unchecking them:

Right clicking a Title gives you the following menu:

Right clicking on a chapter allows you to select/deselect all chapters in a given Title:

Ideal for music DVDs and similar, you can also re-order the chapters by dragging and dropping:

In doing so you get a extracted mpeg containing the chapters in the Title in the order 1, 3, 2 (from top to bottom):

If you have selected a audio stream other than the default the other audio streams are stripped from the resulting mpeg file. This will reduce the file size of the mpeg but does take an extra step of processing.

Step Three - Starting the extraction

Once you have decides what to extract you are ready to start. Click the Start button:

Other Info

Settings for VOB2MPG PRO can be accessed by clicking the Settings button:

Hovering above a setting will give you further information about it:

Logs can be access via the Help button:

Command Line Support (PRO)

VOB2MPG /v=IfoPath /o=MpgPath /MainTitle | /t=TitleNum [/c= chxx,chxx...] [/sc] [/a=xxx]

/v=IfoPath (required) Path to VIDEO_TS.IFO file of the source DVD. Enclose in quotes if path contains spaces
/o=MpgPath (required) Path to output mpeg file. Enclose in quotes if path contains spaces
/MainTitle (required or /t) Let VOB2MPG work out the title of the main movie based on duration
/t=TitleNum (required or /MainTitle) Title to extract from if /MainTitle is not used
/c=chxx,chxx... Comma delimited list of chapters to extract from title
/sc Split chapters. Output a mpeg file per chapter
/All Outputs a single mpeg for each chapter in each title.
/a=xxx Optional: audio stream to keep (discard the rest). (e.g /a=128) [NB: value is in decimal not HEX so 0x80 is 128 in the example].
/AllTitles Extract from all titles
/DVDInfo Output information about the DVD to the console


VOB2MPGPRO /v="C:\My DVDs\VIDEO_TS.IFO" /o="C:\VOB2MPG Output\The fog.mpg" /MainTitle /c=1,2,3,7 /sc
(extract chapters 1, 2 ,3 & 7 from the main movie into seperate mpegs)

VOB2MPGPRO /v="C:\My DVDs\VIDEO_TS.IFO" /o="C:\VOB2MPG Output\The fog.mpg" /MainTitle
(extract the main movie only)

VOB2MPGPRO /v="C:\My DVDs\VIDEO_TS.IFO" /o="C:\VOB2MPG Output\The fog.mpg" /t=5 /c=10
(extract Title 5, chapter 10 only)

VOB2MPGPRO /v="C:\My DVDs\VIDEO_TS.IFO" /AllTitles /o="C:\VOB2MPG Output\The fog.mpg"
(extract all Titles (mpeg per title) from the DVD)

Version History