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SVCD2DVDMPG is a tool which eases the creation of DVD compliant mpeg files from (S)VCD .bin images or .mpg files.

Current version:

What this tool is for

SVCD2DVDMPG is intended to help users to author DVDRs based on (S)VCD content. The standard process for achieving this is quite convoluted (when achieving high compatibility) and involves numerous steps. These steps require a lot of human intervention and are typically:

  • rip (S)VCD .bin images to mpgs
  • demux mpgs to elementary streams (ES)
  • resample the audio ES from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz
  • patch the video ES/PS to DVD horizontal resolution
  • optionally remux the ES streams into a mpg program stream (PS)
  • Repatch VOB files after DVD authoring

Given that we can, in theory, put 5 SVCD and many more VCD images onto one DVDR, we're talking a lot of work both computationally and - more importantly - by the user. All this before we even start authoring the DVD!

SVCD2DVDMPG helps by automating all the above steps whilst allowing certain settings to be set for a given situation.

How this tool works

SVCD2DVDMPG is basically a GUI wrapper for several other command line applications. SVCD2DVDMPG just takes configuration details from the user and then executes the relevent programs with the relevant switches. (The sequence header patching is done internally by SVCD2DVDMPG as I couldn't find a command line version on t'Internet)

External applications, credits & acknowledgements.

Please see Help->About for details.

All credit for this work goes to all the authors of the various external applications. They have done the hard work. Here is a list of the tools & authors in no particular order:

Also a couple of .Net components need a quick mention.

Know issues

  • Obviously some sources are non standard in the first place and so issues would be encountered using manual tools anyway (crap in = crap out). This is particually the case with VCDs which originate from TV sources. In these cases adverts are often cut from the mpgs and so we find that we may have issues when we process them.