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The SVCD2DVD performs the same function as SVCD2DVDMPG. It does however have more features and operates in a more intelligent manner.

Addional features include:

Optional AC-3 encoding . AC-3 is strictly required for at least one audio track in NTSC DVDs. Some DVD players insist on this. Also AC-3 is useful for use in DVDMaestro as you can exploit the "Create sync audio track" feature - allowing you to add multiple video assets to a movie (ultimately joining your SVCD CDs within the authoring software). You can only choose Sonic Foundry SoftEncode as your AC-3 encoder.

DVD Authoring . SVCD2DVD gives you the option to author your DVDs without the need to go to another application. This is now a true one click SVCD to DVD solution. Collate your source files, configure settings (in fact the defaults usually suffice), click "start" & come back later to a fully generated VIDEO_TS folder - ready to burn.

SVCD2DVD DVD authoring explained:

Menus. A top level menu system has being developed. It is a seperate application called DVD MenuMaker which comes bundled with SVCD2DVD. (to see some of the menus created, see here ). Also you can have no menus: it literally is just like having 5 SVCD CDs on one DVD (for example). I.e. no menus but you don't have to get off the couch to change CDs & you save loads of space in your CD/DVD rack.

No need to patch/repatch headers . Patching headers is just so that the authoring software is fooled into thinking it is dealing with a DVD compliant file. As in this case the authoring application is SVCD2DVD we don't need to bother ;)

Single or multiple title sets (VTSs) . Most (all I've seen) authoring applications produce either single or multiple VTSs. SVCD2DVD does both! With single VTS outputs you can't mix content (VCD/SVCD/PAL/NTSC). With multiple VTS outputs you can but even DVDMaestro won't let you mix PAL & NTSC. SVCD2DVD will. Having multiple VTSs in SVCD2DVD allows you to have movies which have different standards (PAL/NTSC), different bitrates (not all SVCD are made with the same bitrate....) and SVCD & VCDs all on the same DVDR.


Chapters. Each MPEG file starts with a chapter. You can also add additional chapters at regular intervals.

Auto MPEG sensing . SVCD2DVD no longer needs to be told what files it is dealing with. It finds out for itself. It therefore handles SVCDs or VCDs accordingly. Also if the sample rate of the audio is already 48KHz, it leaves it alone.

Better audio resampling/encoding. In addition to AC-3 optional encoding you have "2-pass" MPEG-Audio encoding - resulting in better, clearer audio. Or, if your DVD player will handle it you can skip the audio resampling altogether.

Choosing an output directory for DVD folders. This speeds up the process by potentially eliminating I/O bottlenecks.

Select sources at the file level: once you have choosen your directory, you can deselect individual files.

New to SVCD2DVD is the extended logging, CPU meter, "knight rider" inprogress bar & no more dos boxes!!




DVD Burning. If you have used SVCD2DVD to author your DVD folders you can also get it to burn them too with CopyToDVD. Click here for details.