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RarSlaveGUI is a simple front end to a program called RarSlave, developed by salami.

What is RarSlave?

RarSlave does all the annoying tasks involved when you have a set of RAR files. This means:

- It scans the given directory and subdirectories for PAR2 files
- It checks and repairs using the PAR2 files
- If repair is possible or unneeded, it extracts from the .RAR files
- Upon success, it will delete the .PAR2 and .RAR files and continue with the next set.

It does that fully automated and can scan whole directories which can save you a lot of time.

What is RarSlaveGUI?

RarSlaveGUI is a frontend Windows tool to RarSlave.

It has shell integration. i.e when you right click on a folder in Windows Explorer, if there are .par2 files in the folder or in the subfolders up to a max of 3 deep, you will get the following:


1. Download RarSlave and extract files to a folder:

Download RarSlave by salami

2. Download RarSlaveGUI and extract files to the same folder:

Download RarSlaveGUI

3. Start RarSlaveGUI.exe and use or enable Shell Integration for the Windows Explorer add-in.