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SVCD2DVD v1.5 Example

NEW: In addition to this page there is now a printable multiple walkthrough document is available for download here.

This document shows the basic steps of producing a DVD-SVCD with menu using SVCD2DVD. No major detail, just a simple walkthrough.

We are going to produce a DVDR with 5 "movies". Some of these movies consist of more than one mpg, some are SVCDs and some are VCDs. We are going to produce a simple 5 button menu - one for each movie. (More intricate menus are possible, see here)


As we are going to use SVCD2DVD to author our DVDR we use the default settings.

If, however, you need to apply Pan & Scan Info for the Pioneer Fix or to rectify any display issues, check the following:

First we collate all the mpegs into a folder:

Then we browse to that folder - this is our source folder:

Now we go to the Files Tab. If we wanted to exclude any files we would uncheck them here:

Next we go to the Author tab. This is where we set up the VTSs. Each VTS corresponds to a menu button. Also you should seperate different content into different VTSs.

Add new VTSs by double clicking on a VTS node. Drag and drop the mpgs around until there is a seperate movie per VTSs. As you can see we have 5 VTSs in this example which means 5 Buttons on the menu.

We can also add chapters - but we won't in this walkthrough.

Now its time for the menu. Click on the menu tab:

We're going to create a new menu. Click New menu - this will start the DVD MenuMaker application.

DVD MenuMaker starts with a Wizard:

Click next.

As DVD MenuMaker was spawned by SVCD2DVD the number of buttons is already defined. Click Next.

Now choose the TV Standard of the menu. If you have a DVD Player which only plays either PAL or NTSC then choose accordingly. If your player plays both then its up to you. Click Next and you will get a summary.

Click Finish to start DVD MenuMaker proper with your chosen options:

DVD MenuMaker starts up as shown. The 5 Buttons are created and now its a case of choosing a background image and organising and defineing the buttons.

The toolbar has the following buttons:

Encodes the menu and exits. (if spawned from SVCD2DVD focus will return to SVCD2DVD).

Loads a new background image.

Select, move, resize tool.

Select font for button text.

Add/remove drop shadows. Move & colour the shadow.


To edit the button text, click on a button and edit the text in the toolbar:

You need to select a particular button to enable this. The button text is updated as you type.

Next we need to choose a background. Click

Included with the Install are nearly 100 background images.

You can choose one of these or use one of your own. You can edit either in your favourite graphics program and add button areas and dropshadows and banner text etc:

The button text will sit nicely over the top.

In this case we will choose a simple background, arrange and style the buttons:

Click on the down arrow to choose the colours for the various states. The Normal state is when a button is not selected. The Highlighted state is when a button is selected and the Activated state is when a button clicked. You can preview the various state by clicking the state name.

Choose font:

And now we are ready to encode our menu and exit.

Click This exits the program & returns to SVCD2DVD

Now everything is set. Just click Start to create your DVD folders authored and ready to burn.

Ultimately the DVD folders are created:

These can be burned as normal using your dvd burning software.

Remember: You can automatically burn your authored DVDRs using CopyToDVD . Click here for details.

(More intricate menus are possible, see here)