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Spruce DVDMaestro: Menu creation

We are going to create a simple menu - a few images and a couple of buttons to start each movie.

First, start up DVD Menu Studio.

Next we add a simple background:

  • Draw a rectangle using the rectangle tool
  • Choose a pattern/texture for the rectangle from the Quick Styles

Next we add our downloaded, cropped images:

  • My method here is to use Paint Shop Pro: Load image. Crop. Then copy image.
  • Paste bitmap into DVD Menu studio. Arrange, resize & add any effects...

Now for the buttons:

  • Using the Artistic Text tool Write some text, choosing font, size & style. Repeat for the second button:

  • Now taking each button in turn:
    • Select button
    • Click Copy to subpicture 1

Now we are ready to export our menu for use in DVD Maestro using the Export Wizard :