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Frequently Asked Questions.

A lot of emails are recieved which cover very similar issues. It suggests to me that a Frequently Asked Questions section would be a good place to collate these problems and solutions/answers.

  1. Why do I need guides and tools to put my SVCD movies on to DVD?
  2. What is a DVD-SVCD, what is a DVD-VCD?
  3. Do all DVD players play DVD-SVCD & DVD-VCD?
  4. What is a MPEG program stream?
  5. What is a MPEG elementry stream?
  6. What is demultiplexing?
  7. What is multiplexing?
  8. What is a VOB?
  9. What is a DVD folder?
  10. Whats all this talk about MPEGs? I've only got *.bin files....
  11. What software do I need to run SVCD2DVDMPG?
  12. Why does SVCD2DVDMPG keep giving me "directory does not exist" errors when I select a file?
  13. Why does SVCD2DVDMPG produce a file which fills my HD!?
  14. Why does SVCD2DVDMPG produce several 'extra' files when demultiplexing?
  15. Why do I have audio/video sync problems with my DVD?
  16. Can I put both PAL & NTSC movies on the same DVD?
  17. Can I put VCD & SVCD movies on the same DVDR?
  18. I don't own any DVD authoring software & I don't want to spend my hard earned cash on any. What can I do?
  19. Thats it. Its too complicated! Why isn't there a one click solution?
  20. What is the "Pioneer Fix" (Pan & Scan)? Which DVD Players are effected?

Support FAQ

  1. How do I send you a sample of a file I'm having issues with?
  2. I follow the SVCD2DVDMPG+ instructions so why do I get a "Validation XmlLoad" error?
  3. I get error on my player: "Playback prohibited by area limitations", "TV system doesn't match" why?
  4. Does SVCD2DVDMPG convert PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL?
  5. Why does Windows Installer keep starting when I try to run SVCD2DVDMPG+?
  6. Installation Error: Module C:\Program Files\BadgerSoft\SVCD2DVD\Code-Lock.ocx failed to register. HRESULT -2147483644.